Friday, 2 October 2015

Pumpkin Ale, and something a little more Sinister.

The Season has Arrived !

It's October, the leaves are changing the air is is a bit crisp at night, and Pumpkin 3.14 Ale (that's pumpkin π) has returned to Taps, Syndicate & other purveyors of fine Canadian Brew.
Pumpkin Pie
Many have been anticipating the arrival of the great pumpkin.
Now that its here, is it as good as we remember?

I'd say   ...    IT'S BETTER!

*everything beyond this point is subjective & personal.*

I'll be the first to say memory is fluid & it changes over time. However, the pumpkin is better than I remember. It's a bit cleaner or crisper than I remember, the spices are as good as always & the sweetness (not really sweetness)  is much more in the back ground.   I don't remember it as ever being actually 'Sweet'  but there was something that I associated with sweet.  What ever that
pseudo-sweet quality is actually called, it started in the back ground , but moved up a bit more to the front after about 3 pints.

This years seems like that might not happen.  I've only had two so far, because out of habit I've switched up after my 2nd Pumpkin. During Pumpkin season I often get mixed pints of pumpkin & something else, usually Sinister Sam Insane IPA (formerly Chuck Norris Round House IPA).
So once again I'm drinking Sinister Pumpkin.

This is really my favourite beer!
Insane Sam`s Sinister Pumpkin IPÀle

Even when getting growlers I get Pumpkin & and Sinister Sam so we can create our own Sinister Pumpkin Pints at home.  The beauty of doing it that way is that you can play with the ratios and make different tastes each pint, for different people and different stages of the night.

Just had another sip of my Sinister Pumpkin ..  

I`me definitely havin` another one, but should it be called  
Sinister Pumpkin or should it be called by the more verbose name of  Insane Sam's Sinister 
Pumpkin IP`ALE

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Halloween Ghost Tours - Anyone interested?

I Called the Fort to see what is available for Halloween Ghost Tours.

Oct 31st    10:30 SOLD OUT
                 10:15 16 Tickets left
                 10:00 16 Tickets left
Didn't ask about earlier ones.

November 1st    7:30  Completely Open - Last Tour of the night/season
                        7:15  Completely Open
                        7:00  SOLD OUT

There are other days, but I kept it to Halloween & the Day after.
I'd be leaning towards the 10:15 on Oct.31st  as a first choice,  then 7:30 Nov. 1st as a 2nd choice.

If your interested let me know ASAP!
These numbers could be out of date by tomorrow.

***Also: Taps pumpkin Ale is scheduled  to come out some time this week!

Friday, 18 September 2015

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Get out your Parrot & Peg-Leg (sounds like a bar) & start rolling your ARRR's

It's that time of year again mateys.

Talk Like A Pirate Day !

If your a little rusty on your pirate vocab, This site will help you out with the lingo to make TLAPD a Rrroaring success.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Super Short Clips from Marshville

Marshville Heritage Festival in Wainfleet Ontario, Canada Happens every year on the Labour Day Weekend.
 These are super short glimpses at a few of the things that caught my eye.

Spinning Weight

Knitting Machine

Printing Press

There will also be some Stills Posted in the next day or so.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ghost Tours Start this Sunday

Right now there's a group of  dedicated volunteers dusting off their black capes & "oldy tyme'y " lanterns, but most importantly their practicing stories designed to give believers the creeps and make skeptics look over their shoulder 'just in case'.  It's ghost tour season again.

'Ghost tours of Niagara' begin their season of Fort Erie Ghost tours this Sunday May 3rd. Tours will run Sundays at 8:30 through May and June with more days and times during the summer. (Full Schedule Here)

The season wraps up (some might say culminates) with the Halloween Tours in October. If you want to be in 'the most haunted location in the most haunted town in Canada on the mist haunted night of the year' (as it is billed by some of the tour guides) get your tickets early. They go on sale July 2nd and can sell out before Labour Day.

I 'm hoping to make  it out a few times this summer (if that pesky job doesn't get in the way) to hear stories of 1812 soldiers, little girls from the era of the fienian raids & unseen forces that like to torment lone ghost ghost guides & skeptical Quebec exchange students (among others).

If some of us do make it out to the ghost tours this sumemr it might be fun to post something here about our night, and maybe some of the the retired tales from the early days of the ghost tours. 

BTW: there are two books filled with stories from the ghost tours. They are written by ghost tour founder, lover of history & science Kyle Upton. If you ever get the chance to pick one up  DO IT. There a good read and currently out of print.